Month: November 2022

Lexy Silverstein in Thrifted Outfit

All I Want for Christmas is Sustainability

I got a bit bummed when I saw all the Black Friday sales this year. I’ll give you two quick examples from a few fast fashion brands.  Pretty Little Thing was selling clothes for pennies. No joke “pennies”. 🤬 That makes NO cents ( sense/cents – get it?).  Another example, fast fashion brand, White Fox Boutique was giving away $1000 shopping spree and two Land Rovers to a customer and their best friend.

Lexy Silverstein, Sustainable Fashion Advocate

Are the Most Iconic Jeans on Earth Sustainable?

I’m talking about Levi’s, a denim brand that’s nearly 170 years old with the single most recognizable garment of clothing in the world. But the big question… Is Levi’s Sustainable? Short answer, no. Longer answer, they’re working on it. I’ve been following this brand for a while. Sustainability is definitely not a new topic for …

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